Spring Break and IU Basketball

Hey there readers! Just a quick blog update here.

I've been enjoying my Spring Break by doing really absolutely nothing, save for reading the occasional material for my classes and watching college basketball and March Madness. As I expect it will be when I get back to Bloomington on Sunday, lately it has been sunny, warm, and wonderful here at home up in northern Indiana. I'm actually kind of excited to get back to the college grind again, if not for the fact that I get to walk around campus in (hopefully) warm weather!

In other news, Indiana Basketball is going to the Sweet Sixteen (trend #IUBB on Twitter)! Here's where my conundrum shows up, and I'm not afraid to talk about it.

As stated earlier in my blog posts, I originally (well more like a year and a half) attended Purdue University for two years in West Lafayette, IN. You know--that other school, the one with all the engineers and math students (not that we here at IU don't have any of those, we do, but not as many as Purdue). My years at Purdue eventually got me super hooked on Purdue athletics, and as such, I am adamant about rooting for Purdue University sports. Yes, that even means I root for Purdue over Indiana in sports when they meet.

WAIT. Before you come and try to beat me up for rooting for the rival school, here is where I am having problems internally. Now that I go to IU, I kind of support the school athletically in the sense that I currently GO HERE. For example:

If IU football were to play the University of Oregon, of course I'd root for IU to win, because I dislike Oregon severely.

If IU basketball were to play Duke, I'd obviously still root for IU because I hate Duke.

So seeing the basketball team here make it to the Sweet Sixteen in a nail-biter game coming to the last possession over Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) made me happy. Because I still have to, even in a small sense, root for my school even though I like the rival better.

I think that makes me a good guy, even though I root for Purdue. ;)

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