Ohhhh New Layout and...Other Things?

Oh snap!! Look at this new layout for WeAreIU.com!! Fantastic right? I'm super glad the layout is official, and I do hope all you readers enjoy it, as it gives us authors a more streamlined (and cool) way of getting our daily lives as Indiana Universtiy students to you! Boy it looks flashy--I like it...I like it A LOT.

Anywho, this is just kind of a random post, since I told myself I would be updating much more frequently this year, and I sincerely mean to do that. So, what's been going on in my life at Indiana University?

1. The Breakdance Club at Indiana University
We are most certainly in full swing now that the school year is a couple weeks in! Practices are held in the racquetball courts in the Wildermuth (formerly the HPER for those who are used to that terminology) from 7-9pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Feel free to come in--I and my other club members certainly do NOT mind teaching newbies! :)

The bane of my existence in collegiate life. Exams. I just got done taking two today--Finite and Spanish 250. Spanish 250 I feel I can deal with--I'm not horrible at foreign languages. Finite Mathmetics on the other hand I...detest with a seething passion. I know, that's a little rough right? But it's so true! I understand I need to know how to do "the maths"...but it's...so..painful to do. Lesson: suck it up and do it anyway. Then complain about it later. Interestingly, I don't feel I did too awful on today's exam. Only time will tell though.

3. Keeping up with my We Are IU blog!
It's funny trying to come up with content for this blog with my schedule being so busy dancing and balancing school (yes kids, it CAN BE DONE, you CAN work hard at a professional career and dedicate endless amounts of time to a craft AND do academics at the same time). However, I feel would feel empty without this blog--it's been a lot of fun so far ranting and talking about random things along with the other wonderful writers on the site. I'll try to give little tidbits of advice in each post, like I just did in between my rant, to make things worth reading. :)

No pictures today or videos, but remember to check out my YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (just click the icon)!


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Hi there! I'm Michael Roach--a bboy ("break dancer") and hip-hop dancer aspiring for a professional career in dance. I'm also an English major here at Indiana University, and President of the Breakdance Club at IU as well. Dance is pretty much my life, but I still love IU and all that it's done for me. Want to be friends? Hit me up! I like being social (for the most part)!