Meeting the New Women's Basketball Coach, and Dance!

Woo! What's up world of Indiana University! Hope everyone's getting through their first semester of school. It's the midterm point, crazy right!? I feel like school has flown by and time has been nothing--it's a bit ridiculous. Soon I'll be graduated and not here--and that half gets me really excited, and half scares me to death. I suppose that's a normal thing though for Seniors, huh?

On an interesting note, and I think possibly one of the coolest things I've done in my collegiate career in terms of people, recently I was traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a breaking battle. That Sunday on my return flight from Chicago to Indianapolis (transfer flight), I saw a guy wearing a nice IU athletic windbreaker thing. So I thought: "Yeah, I'll be the nice college kid and introduce myself and make casual conversation--I love meeting new people!" I approach him, and say: "Hey, did you graduate from IU? I'm a student there currently!" What followed was really unexpected.

"Oh, no I didn't graduate from there. I'm the new head coach of the IU Women's Basketball team!" WHAAAAAT!? That led to us getting to know each other, making friends, and kind of just walking around and chilling at the Indianapolis International Airport after we landed. I am definitely going to keep contact and friendship with Curt Miller, because he's freaking awesome! Super nice dude, and a class act. I think the Women's head coach is a great choice for the Women's Basketball program. And here are some tidbits to show you how awesome he is:

-He's served as Assistant Coach at 3 schools: Coloardo State, Cleveland State, and Syracuse. At Coloardo State, he helped get them an impressive 81-20 overall record in 3 seasons.

-He served as Head Coach at Bowling Green University, amassing a ridiculous 258-92 record, including 135-41 in the Mid-American Conference. He was MAC Coach of the Year 6 TIMES, and won the conference title 8 STRAIGHT TIMES between 2005-2012! 

-At BGU, he made the postseason 8 straight seasons since 2005, with 5 NCAA Tourney apperances.

Are you KIDDING ME? Mr. Miller's resume looks fantastic! The man knows how to WIN...and I see a great rebuilding process for the Women's Basketball team, much like the current Men's team and Tom Crean. Get pumped IU, get PUMPED. I'll definitely be atttending Women's Basketball games this year to support him, and maybe even do a halftime game (or more) with the Breakdance Club at IU (we talked about that and he loved the idea).


In the meantime, I just got back from a battle in St. Louis. I did well, and made the Top 16 out of 39 (possibly 40) bboys. The judges had me really high on the list apparently, but a combination of healing an injury (grade 2 hamstring pull) and just not being up to par (probably for not practicing well for a week straight becaue of said injury) added up to me losing in the round of 16. 

Here's footage of both my rounds, prelim and Top 16, on my YouTube (which you should all check out and follow, lots of other dance videos there, like concept videos and non-breaking dance videos):


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Hi there! I'm Michael Roach--a bboy ("break dancer") and hip-hop dancer aspiring for a professional career in dance. I'm also an English major here at Indiana University, and President of the Breakdance Club at IU as well. Dance is pretty much my life, but I still love IU and all that it's done for me. Want to be friends? Hit me up! I like being social (for the most part)!