First Post WHUUUUT!?


What's up ladies and gents! This is my first official blog post for the blog! WOO! Get excited! ...

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All settled down now? Ok good. So, you're probably asking: "So Michael, what have you been up to?" Oh, you're not asking yourself that. Well, I'm telling you anyway, so there.

One of the most amazing things about the college atmosphere, particularly here at Indiana University is the wealth of variety in terms of classes to be taken, and the variety in terms of majors to be chosen here. There are tons of things to choose from in terms of what you want to do, and how you want to go about doing it! You can even create your own major here, which at first sounds pretty ridiculous, but is also amazing (just make sure you're a hardworking, independent student). "But Michael, what does that have to do with you!?"

I'll tell you: I picked up an Introduction to Fiction (ENG-L 204) course for my prerequisites as an English major (despite being a transfer and having taken plenty of English courses), and I get to play THIS for a paper/grade.

That's right. I get to play a video game for a grade. Now granted, I still have to write a paper about it, but I like writing papers, so that's another plus! I still have to read and do homework for other classes too--and here is the moral of today's lesson: Keep organized and understand you have a workload.

It took me years to understand this lesson, and I'm still having to keep myself diligent and accountable every once and a while, what with my bigger side life--dance, taking much of the rest of what little time I get not doing schoolwork. For you incoming freshman, it's going to be an interesting, and for some difficult, transition but it is certainly doable if you just stick to it and stay organized.

Oh yeah and don't be afraid to pick fun or interesting courses for yourself. Like me, it can pay off if you're generally interested (I know, what a "DUH" rule, be interested in your coursework).

I'll be posting again this week, probably a more fun post and less of a "lecture" post, but expect these every once and a while too.

Miiiichaeeel show something cool!!!!

Fine. Dance it is. Here's my great, amazing friend (yes, I actually know him personally) Wadi Jones, doing his solo when he competed on So You Think You Can Dance Season 8!

~Michael Roach

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