Do you PROMISE?? AKA: Not Just IU, But 4 LYFE!!

I don't know why I titled the end of this "4 Lyfe", but I figured I'd be stupid and misspell something and use a number to make it look cool instead of a word. Anywho, the Indiana Promise is a commitment incoming freshman (and subsequently, transfer students) take during the Freshman Induction Ceremony to solidify their new standing as an Indiana University student.  You're probably like:  "What IS this promise?"  Well, young student (or older transfer student), here it is:

So yeah, there they are! To me, all three of these promises mean more than just what you'll be doing here at the university--these are helpful guidelines that need to be followed in life, too.  To be honest, I never took the Indiana Promise at Freshman Induction Ceremony (I didn't actually attend FIC), but honestly these are things that I already apply to my day-to-day life here at IU, and outside of the academic setting as well.

I will be ethical in my academic work.
Forget just being ethical in my academic work--I'm going to be ehtical in every piece of work I do, ever.  Cheating, to me, in anything, is beyond stupid; it shows laziness, a lack of drive, intelligence, and weakness among other things. Ethics in general, although a widespread term, means to me, just doing things correctly, within rules, and well, and I think in general once you leave college, or pursue anything outside of an academic setting, it is necessary you do things (like your job) ethically.  If you don't...well, have fun being fired when you're caught.

I will take personal responsibility for what I say and what I do.
Another very common sense, "duh" thing you should really take the initiative to do in life.  Man up (or if a woman, uh...woman up?) and claim what you do as yours.  When things go successfully, congrats, it's all you!  More importantly though when things go not-so-good, it's imperative to show character and own up to what you've done.  That shows not only good morality, but it also shows maturity as well!

I will respect the dignity of others, treating them with civility and understanding.
Do you want FRIENDS? Do you want RESPECT? Do you want to be viewed as a ROLE MODEL or someone who is a genuinely good person!? Then follow this one to the "T". The more jerkish you act, the more ignorant you become, the less anyone is going to like you. And you don't want to be that guy (or gal), do you? No? I thought so.

At the end of the day, if you do these three things, you'll have a wonderful time here at IU, and a pretty good life outside of college, too!! Good luck newbies--you might need some. ;)


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Thanks for reading!!! :)

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