A Sunny (and WARM) Day in Bloomington! FINALLY!

Hey there guys! What's up! I hope everyone's having a wonderful day reading this. I am in particularly spectacular and awesome mood right now. Mostly because of this:

Some students chillin' at the Showalter Fountain!Ahhhh yes! It's sunny and warm in Bloomington! That picture to the left is the Showalter Fountain. That building directly behind it is the IU Auditorium, to the right (if you were facing it as this picture is) would be the Lilly Library, and to the left would be the School of Fine Arts. Also nearby is the Indiana University Art Museum, conveniently located right next to the Fine Arts building and the fountain. The Art Museum is known for it's ridiculously awesome colored light display at night--at some point in this blog I will get a picture of it for you guys to bask in it's attention-getting color (seriously, its really hard not to look at them when you're walking by at night--try not to look, I DARE you)!

I seriously expect to start vlogging soon. Now that the weather is warming up, I think I'll finally be able to walk around and feel ok vlogging, much less stand the weather long enough to do so! I figure vlogs (for those uninformed or that have been living under a rock recently, vlogging is "video blogging") will be more entertaining, and more fun for me as well! It'll also give you guys a neat actual moving look at Indiana University too, so you alumni can pretend you're still here, and you incoming or prospective students can pretend that you are attending college here (haha)!

So expect that. Sorry if it seems like I'm not writing nearly as much as my peers--I have a lot of school work to do, and traveling/dance stuff, so I want this blog to be at least decent quality for you guys! Stick around, it'll be worth it, I promise (or at least, I hope)!!

~Michael Roach


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Hi there! I'm Michael Roach--a bboy ("break dancer") and hip-hop dancer aspiring for a professional career in dance. I'm also an English major here at Indiana University, and President of the Breakdance Club at IU as well. Dance is pretty much my life, but I still love IU and all that it's done for me. Want to be friends? Hit me up! I like being social (for the most part)!