A Seizing Leg and Advice for Missing Classes!

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....yes I take Spanish, I'm actually in my last semester of Spanish here at IU, ever, Spanish 250 to be precise, so if you were at some point wondering that, there's your answer.  Today's post will cover a couple things, first, my seizing leg and what might have happened to cause it, and two, what to do if you miss a class or two (or three, but I won't judge, especially if no attendance is taken) and how to keep on track with your academic work regardless of circumstance! Let's go!

As you guys might or might not know, I participate in hip-hop and break dance culture, as I am a bboy (breaker) and dancer. Recently I just got back from a battle in Tennesee (I made top 8) and although I know I could have done better, I was at ease with the result. Now, I do a lot of crazy moves, a lot of things "normal" bboys don't do, and that's what separates me from--well, everyone. You would think those moves would hurt me, but they don't; that's because of a lot of training and hard work. After the battle, everything in my legs seemed fine, and I was walking normally and happy.

Then today, all the sudden, I walked to my first class (Spanish 250) and a shooting pain would take hold of my leg, and it would seize up and like...give out. Freaky, I know, considering this never happens to me. I still made it to class, but suffice to say it was the worst struggle, and after class I elected to stay back in my room and stretch/take pills and not risk over exerting it on long walks. It's just my right leg, and I mean, I can walk, but the frequency of it spazzing it out and giving out and making me look downright stupid is worrysome, and a bit painful.

That brings me to my next point: missing class! Have you missed a class or two before? I'm sure you have, there's nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to everyone. Here are some tips, no matter what your education level, to help you get through classes and at the least PASS (these are especially helpful for classes that don't take attendance):


You might be thinking: "Well Michael, that's a stupid tip," or, "WHO READS THE SYLLABUS CONSTANTLY?" Fact of the matter is though, that reading the syllabus is a pretty necessary thing to learn to do on a consistent, frequent (maybe even daily if you want to keep schedules like me) basis. Say you miss a class, and the teacher doesn't put up his notes on Oncourse for you to just read via PowerPoint. After reading the syllabus, you might notice some page numbers in the corresponding textbook to read--DO IT. Those page numbers, and in turn, that material, more often than not will cover the stuff the professor would have covered via lecture. I think it's safe to say that you'll be staying on top of your subject material without really missing too much of a beat if you keep up with the course schedule and assigned readings!!

2. Keep in contact with your professors/assistants

A lot of students would possibly think this is weird, trying to develop a relationship (friendship, duh, get your minds out of the gutters) with your professors or teaching assistants. And to some degree, it is a little odd--in social structure, you usually don't make a personal investment with a superior in terms of jobs and work. However, in college, it is important to realize teachers are people too, and they just want to see you succeed. Confused about course material? Ask them at office hours. And you never know--making a good raport with a teacher or assistant could help your grade in one way or another (not necessarily favoritism, but a willingness to give tips or help).

3. Make FRIENDS in class

I know I stressed friends before in a previous post, but this is pretty self-explanatory I think. You miss class, a friend doesn't, they can tell you what you missed. Even better, they might be better at the material than you, and would be willing to give you a hand.

4. Do your homework

I know, you're saying: DUH. And you know what? So am I. Duh. This is also self-explanatory--more often than not, the homework grade is weighted more than quizzes or tests and is the determining factor in your overall grade. Even if they seem remedial or small--trivial things can add up.

I hope you guys enjoy a great week! I'll try to--once I get over this leg issue. I'm also traveling to a battle in Minnesota on Friday, so that'll be fun. Again, it's important to balance school and other things, so that you can succeed in both (as I am with a dance career and graduating)!! :)



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Hi there! I'm Michael Roach--a bboy ("break dancer") and hip-hop dancer aspiring for a professional career in dance. I'm also an English major here at Indiana University, and President of the Breakdance Club at IU as well. Dance is pretty much my life, but I still love IU and all that it's done for me. Want to be friends? Hit me up! I like being social (for the most part)!