Here I am!!!


In my previous life I was a reporter.

I started my career at The Times of India, Hyderabad. I remember my very first assignment. Members of the Communist Party of India were at a peace march to protest the rise in electricity prices. The protesters had drums, tambourines, and rattles. They made music as they walked. They sang and they danced. 

The ruling party, Telugu Desam, did not like it. When the march reached at the Assembly, the chief minister, also the leader of the ruling party ordered the police to open fire. The drums stopped. The tambourines broke. The rattles stopped to jingle. The singers were silenced. The dancers were quieted. Two people were killed and several wounded.  

It was my very first reporting assignment. August 2000. Since then I did my Masters in Journalism here at IU, completed a fellowship at The Poynter Institute and worked for two newspapers in the US. Now I'm looking to change tracks and do my Masters ... in Environmental Science.

In this blog I’ll be writing about a little bit of this, and a little bit about that.

Let me know if you see something interesting – anything that catches your fancy and you think it ought to be written about.


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