Who is Heather Smith?

Who is Heather Smith? A lot of people are probably wondering that since not a lot of people know who I am. So, if you're wondering who I am you've come to the right place.

With there being over a million Heather Smith's in the country, it's a little hard to stand out from the crowd. I am a sophomore here at IU with the world at my feet waiting to jump into it. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but have lived in Indiana most of my childhood and into my adulthood. I am studying Journalism and English.

I am in love with the Journalism program here at IU. The staff within the school is phenominal and very helpful in my quest to become a journalist (at least until I get my law degree... I hope). The reason why I chose Indiana University is because in high school I had one of the best journalism teachers (actually probably the best teacher period)  who happened to be an alumnus of Indiana University. She inspired and helped  me so much that I decided that IU would be the best choice for me to go study journalism.

The decision was excellent and after applying to IU in November, I got my acceptance letter in Feburary and have never had a second thought about it. I am trying to pave a good future for myself and I know that IU was the best decision. 

I hope to be sharing all of the best parts of IU though my eyes and i hope that I can help you see why you should love IU as much as I do! 

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