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Hello! My name is Hannah Smith, and I'm a sophomore at Indiana University studying journalism, with a concentration in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (a long way of saying "Arabic") and a minor in German. I am approximately 5'1, and I have brown hair and green eyes. 

What do I do here at IU? Well, I do quite a lot. This year I started working at the Indiana Daily Student, which is our campus newspaper. It is a bundle of crazy. Last semester I worked as the greek life "beat reporter," which entailed writing three to four stories each week, in this case all about greek life. So I covered everything from IU Dance Marathon and Big Man On Campus to greek weddings and a few incidents that occured with fraternities. 

This semester, I'm the state finance beat reporter, which is a lot more boring, but it gives me more time to do fun stories unrelated to finance. Around campus I've come to be known as the Bigfoot reporter, due to the story I did on Bigfoot after the show "Finding Bigfoot" came to Monroe County. For it, my editors had me interview national experts on Bigfoot and then run around the woods with a photographer for an afternoon in an attempt to find him.

Spoiler alert: We didn't. 

Outside of the paper, I worked at the TV station on campus--IUSTV--last year. It's completely student run and student produced, and that introduced me to the arts programs here at IU, because I was the performing arts reporter. Got to see an opera and such for free, which was very cool, although I understood very little. The entire thing was in French, one of the languages I do not speak.

I'm also a tour guide for the school. I'm a dorm tour guide, so after the future freshman have done their campus tour, they're handed off to me or other team leaders, who talk to them about where they'll live at IU and show them around the dorms here. I love the interaction with future students, and, honestly, I love some of the questions that they ask. Believe me, I've gotten some weird ones. 

I had an internship this past summer at Channel 13 Eyewitness News in Indianapolis. It was incredible, and awesome, and it got me thinking more about broadcast. I have an internship this semester with the radiostation WFIU down her ein Bloomington, which I like a lot more than expected. 

On top of all that, I'm applying for internships for the summer right now--one in London, and one in Germany. And, next semester, I'm planning on spending a couple months in Cairo studying abroad. So right now I'm going through that whole application process, and it's a lot to handle. 

Then, of course, I see friends when I can. I always manage to find time for that somehow. And I go to class. That's kind of important, given that I'm here to go to school. 

But that's another post entirely. 

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