About The Author
Han Thazin TunInternational Student Ambassador

An outdoor enthusiast who grew up in Yangon, Myanmar and spent most of her days daydreaming about all kinds of places she wants to visit in the world on her own. Those dreams first came true in 2013 (senior year in high school) where she went on an ambassador trip to Japan and the rest of her adventures fell into place like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Now, she is a junior triple-majoring in Finance, Technology Management, and Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation at the Kelley School of Business where she’s learning something interesting every day.

She represents IU as a proud International Student Ambassador and former Orientation Leader to international students from all over the world. She loves painting, playing geeky ERPsim games, helping others, travelling places (she has fridge magnets representing every states she’s visited in the U.S!), and enjoying time with her friends. Her passion for Higher Education and lending others a hand can be seen by her work as a peer mentor, certified tutor, and a homeless advocate. This spring 2016 semester she’s looking forward to her summer plans interning in the United States and, of course, talking with prospective students through Skype and social media!

Reach out to say hi to her Facebook account or through Instagram @han_thazin!