Need Money NOW For The Start Of The Term? Here's How To Get It!

Sometimes it feels like all of our finances are due at once and so personal needs take a backseat because of our other bills that are due. School is already stressful with all of the new financial responsibilities that come along with earning a college degree. IU now has an option to help with some of the financial stresses that accompany the start of the academic term.

IU now offers an EZ Deposit of $500 on the campus access card of every student while registering for their courses.  If you forgot to take advantage of EZ deposit while registering, you can still choose this option through by searching for “optional selections”. Choosing this option allows you to deposit $500 on your campus access card without needing to pay up front.  Free money you say?! Well, not quite. EZ deposit is charged directly to your student account, which means that you can get the money you need now and pay later

Are you scared of losing the money you don’t spend? Not a problem! The money rolls over, so you never lose it. EZ Deposit truly makes starting each term simple and EZ! Sorry, I had to! 

P.S. Your EZ Deposit funds can be used anywhere Campus Access is accepted!

About The Author
Grace JimenezChemistry and Math major, graduating December 2016

I am 22 years old and will be graduating in December with a bachelors of science in Chemistry and Math. I attended grade school in northwest Indiana and  Crown Point High School later on. I currently work at Student Central in the call center answering questions on billing and financial aid. I hope to be continuing my studies in a graduate program fall 2017.