Working during college

Hello Hoosiers! 

With the stress of writing papers, studying for exams and juggling a social life outside school, you may wonder if adding a job to the mix is worthwhile. 

There are so many places to apply for a part-time job and, from what I've noticed, many employers are happy to hire students. Whether it's working in retail, food-service, coffee shops or even local nonprofits, there are plenty of opportunities for students.

Up until this semester, I would work over summer and winter breaks back home. This fall, I decided to work throughout the academic year. The extra work has been great and I've been able to perfect my time management skills while meeting some great, new people.

I've been lucky enough to work for two employers who are very flexible with schedules. If you don't think you'd be able to manage a part-time job, consider volunteering! Bloomington has countless opportunities for students. Grab them while you can!

One of my employers has an "ugly Christmas sweater day" the week of Christmas and I get to wear the sweater I made in first grade. It fits, but only just. 

I encourage you to consider working during college. I understand that it's not for everyone, whether it be due to extremely busy schedules or traveling home frequently on weekends. However, if you're curious, there's no harm in looking! (It's also nice to have a few extra dollars in your pocket!)

It's not long until winter break! Hang in there and good luck with finals!


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