Why you should consider studying abroad

Hello! Congratulations on surviving midterms! Halfway through the semester! 

Last Wednesday, I had my first meeting with an overseas study advisor to discuss my options with studying abroad next year. You may think I'm jumping the gun because it will most likely be another year before I study overseas, but it's never too early to begin looking at your options.

I've been able to travel a lot throughout my life so I've never though twice about studying abroad. As a journalism and international studies student concentrating in Western European studies, I have numerous options. As someone who hopes to work for the Travel Channel in the future, I'm more than excited to study abroad.

IU Student in Scotland

[Above - Representing IU in Scotland while visiting family.]

If you hadn't planned to study abroad or are second-guessing yourself, I urge to reconsider. I've compiled a few reasons asto why you should consider studying abroad:

1. You may never get the opportunity to live abroad again | Your time in college is truly your time to explore your options, take risks and do things you've never done before. Living abroad is undoubtedly a significant adjustment, but it's so worth it. 

2. You are able to explore new cultures | For those of you who have never been out of the country, this is your time to venture into the world and discover what's out there. The feeling when you land in a new country is almost indescribable. It will be a time to discover new foods, a different lifestyle and nightlife and possibly be exposed to a new language. 

3. You have a lot of options | IU provides students with many different options for overseas study. You are able to study abroad for a summer, semester or academic year. Additionally, if you don't necessarily want to take classes abroad, you can look into getting an internship overseas. Countries from every part of the world are available to you. 

4. Financial aid is always available | After my first meeting last week, I know that the cost of living abroad isn't exactly cheap. However, scholarships are available and if you have financial aid, you are able to apply that to your overseas study program. But a word of advice: When you're abroad, don't think about how much money you are spending. The experience is worth the price. 

5. Experience of a lifetime | Although you will most likely travel when you are older, you will most likely never have an experience like studying abroad. If you don't live abroad in the future, you will be staying in hotels and living a "tourist" experience. 

Cathedral in Cologne, Germany

[Above: The cathedral in Cologne, Germany.]

I encourage you to visit IU's Office of Overseas Study and begin researching your options to travel abroad. Although Bloomington is fantastic, if you decide to study abroad, you will have the time of your life experiencing new things while your friends will be having a fairly normal time at IU.

IU's Office of Overseas Study: http://overseas.iu.edu | Call to make an appointment: (812) 855-9304

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