Why I Chose IU

How spectacular is this weather?! If winter was like this every year, I definitely wouldn't mind.

I was studying in the Teter NST this morning when several high school tours passed me and I kept thinking back to a year and a half ago when I was in their shoes. I just wanted to share my reasons for coming to IU.

Let me begin by saying that IU was the only college I applied to. True Hoosier, right? I like to think so.

Big vs. Small

Although IU is a very large school, it is capable of feeling much smaller than it actually is. My French class last semester had about 10 students whereas my Psychology class had about 250. The lecture hall was pretty overwhelming at first, but I really liked the various sizes of my classes.


Proximity played a huge role in choosing where to apply. Most high school seniors can't wait to get out of their hometown, away from their parents, and have a sense of freedom. Believe me, I was one of them. However, I still wanted to be able to travel back home with ease. Before I applied to IU, I was looking at colleges in Scotland (where most of my extended family lives). When I thought about coming home on weekends, I didn't really want to be flying transatlantic. It wouldn't have been financially possible.

School Spirit and Atmosphere

I think it's safe to say that IU students have pretty incredible school spirit. I was taken aback at my first IU football game at the beginning of the year. So loud. So red. So incredibly awesome.

Financial Reasons

Obviously, going to school overseas would've been a financial impossibility for my parents. And with another kid in school, I guess I really wouldn't have had the chance to even apply. Thank goodness IU was affordable. I'll just leave the international experience for when I study overseas.

The City

Bloomington is definitely a college town. There's so much to do from shopping on Kirkwood to dinner on Fourth Street. The College Mall is also conveniently located five minutes from campus.

The Professors

I also think it's safe to say that IU has a plethora of accomplished, distinguished professors. We're learning from the best.

Never second guess your decision to come to IU. As cliche as it sounds, your time here is bound to be the best of your life. Keep it cream and crimson, Hoosiers.

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Hello all!

My name is Gillian Wilson and I plan to graduate in May 2015! I'm double majoring in International Studies, with concentrations in Western Europe and International Communication and Journalism, with a specialization in Global Journalism. 

I'm currently secretary of IU's Online News Association and was a Welcome Week assistant for both my sophomore and junior years. I also served on Teter Quad's Board of Programmers as a freshman. I'm very focused on my studies, but I enjoy venturing out to 4th Street restaurants and shopping on Kirkwood! 

Join me as I share my university exprience with you! I'll be studying abroad in Canterbury, England, during the spring semester, so make sure you come back to read about my adventures abroad!