T192 - Women in the Media

Hey everyone! Hope you're all have great plans for Spring Break!

Although it's only the middle of March, it is not long before we begin scheduling classes for next semester. So, I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite classes this semester.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, I walk over to the Radio and TV Building to attend TEL-T 192, Women in the Media. To be honest, I originally took this class to receive "Diversity in the US" credit for my Journalism degree requirements. However, it's turned out to be one of my favorite classes this semester.

The professor, Nicole Martins, is a professor for the Telecommunications Department and makes the class very interesting. We watch YouTube clips every class, usually of popular movies such as "American Pie" and "The Hangover."

Although the class is entitled "Women in the Media," we also spend several classes talking about men in the media. (Yes, guys are more than welcome to take this class, and you won't be alone). The class also covers racial and gender stereotypes in mass media and how mass media affects children.

So, make sure you write down T192 as a possible class for next semester!

I hope you all have a stellar Spring Break! Stay awesome and stay safe!



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