Studying Abroad? Here are my pro tips!

Well, I can finally say it's official! I'll be studying abroad in Canterbury, England during the Spring semester. After going through the application process, I thought I'd pass on a few tips if you're thinking about applying for an overseas study program (which you most certainly should!) Studying abroad is only one of the many amazing opportunities IU offers its students.

Although the applications differ depending on the program you're applying for, these tips are fairly general. By the way, if you ever have spare time, I would recommend just scrolling through all the programs you can apply for. Believe me, the list seems endless!


If I've learned anything from the application process, it is to commit lots of time to the application. I'd go as far as to say you should treat it like a very important homework assignment. However, don't let that prevent you from applying! You may not know that the application is comprised of many different forms as opposed to one form. You have to work for it!


Going along with the first tip, do not leave the application process to the last minute. You'll regret it when the deadline is fast approaching and you have to schedule an advising appointment for guidance. Try and start as soon as the application becomes available and set aside time each week to devote to your application. Also, I'd recommend scheduling advising appointments with both Overseas Study and your major's Department. Speaking to advisors about programs and requirements made me feel a lot more at ease.


Myself and two other students who have been accepted to the program have already bounced around ideas of what we should do while we're abroad. Next semester, we'll get a one-month vacation from March to April which can only mean one thing - extensive traveling! Canterbury's in such a perfect location for traveling, even if it's only for a long weekend to France! Personally, I'd love to visit Stonehenge, spend time in France and go to a live taping of the Graham Norton Show. So much to do, so little time!


Finally, write about your experiences!! Whether online or in a journal, Whether you choose to go abroad for a summer, semester, or year, I guarantee the time will go quickly. Studying abroad is the perfect time to try new things and expand your horizons - so document it! Write about everything. It'll make a great keepsake and it's a way for your family and friends to stay updated with your whereabouts.

I hope these tips have helped and I hope that you all apply for an overseas program! It's a big world out!

Also, I will keep you updated while I'm abroad - not to worry!

Until next time,


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Also, I should note that the University of Kent did not send me the products in the picture above.

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Join me as I share my university exprience with you! I'll be studying abroad in Canterbury, England, during the spring semester, so make sure you come back to read about my adventures abroad!