My Top Picks for Eating Out in Bloomington

Hello everyone! 

I'm going to be completely honest: I hate cooking. And I hate cooking because, quite frankly, I can't cook. I even have a hard time making a decent turkey sandwich. I can never quite get the right amount of mayonnaise - it gets me every time. 

Any way, due to my depressing lack of cooking skills, I always enjoy a trip out to eat. Whether I'm picking something up for me and my roommates or my parents are taking me out for a meal, I have a few favorites that I thought I'd share.

PANERA | Panera tops my list at the number one spot. I usually spend every Sunday in Panera with two of my good friends as an alternative place to study. I'd recommend going before 11 a.m. though because you'll be caught in a long line to order and fighting people for a table.

I can usually spend at least two or three hours in Panera. When I go on Sunday mornings, I always order the cinammon chip scone and a hot chocolate (or a peppermint hot chocolate around this time of year). 

I also go to Panera with my parents around lunchtime. You'll usually have to deal with the lunch rush, but it's definitely worth it. I always order the chicken caesar sandwich (sans tomatoes) and a diet coke.

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DEANGELO'S | This was a new discovery upon arriving in Bloomington last year. As an avid fan of Italian food, this restaurant is brilliant. It's located just outside campus in the strip mall near Panera. Don't let the fact that it's located in a strip mall deter you. Inside, it is truly like traveling to Italy. The decor is beautiful and the employees are very nice and welcoming. The food prices are also very good. I strong recommend DeAngel's for a dinner visit - and their fettuchine alfredo! Visit their website:

SOMA | I know there are two Soma's located in Bloomington, but the one I'm referring to is located just off Kirkwood. I love to go in for a Ghriadelli white chocolate hot chocolate. Isn't that itself enought to entice you to go? Soma's atmosphere is truly unique. The second you walk in the door, you feel as though you've stepped into McFly's De Lorean and has dropped you off in the 60s. The decor is eccentric and so is the music - but that's what makes it such a gem. They have lots of speciality drinks and prices are great. 

NOODLES & COMPANY | One of my best friends and I take the trip to Kirkwood frequently to go to Noodles. The prices are great and it's in a great location to do a bit of shopping afterward. I always order the Pasta Fresca, one of the Mediterranean dishes. I love the atmosphere and the food is great! They also accept campus access points! Visit their website:

These are just a few of my suggestions! I plan to venture to 4th street soon and try out all the foreign restaurants, so look out for reviews for those!

I hope you all survive finals! GOOD LUCK!


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