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Hello all! I've been away a little while longer than I had intended, but I'm back and ready to blog!

I was really excited to start the year because I was so eager to start classes I'd signed up for. Here are a few of my class recommendations, many of which I took my freshman year! 

JOUR-J 206 - Reporting a Global World | As I'm double majoring in journalism and international studies, I'm automatically drawn to classes that explore journalism at international levels. Professor Joseph Coleman shows lots of clips from international news organizations and we analyze the effects, both positive and negative, of globalization. The class is also extremely interesting because it relies on dicussion from students so the class is able to get multiple perspectives on the issues going on around the world.

INTL-I 205 - International Communication | International Communication is pretty self-explanatory. The class discusses the ways in which different countries use technology to communicate and the effects globalization has on technology and its advancement. Like J206, this class is discussion-based. 

TEL-T 192 - Women in the Media | I do not think this class is offered every semester, but keep your eyes peeled! This class counted as my 'Diversity in the US' credit and I was so thankful I came across it as I was searching for eligible classes! The format of this class is like that of a lecture but the class also discusses readings. One of the things I absolutely loved about this class was the relaxed atmosphere and the videos we watched in class. Although informative, many of these videos were so interesting and entertaining. And boys, don't be put off by the class title. Men in the media is discussed in addition to lectures about video games and the representation of ethnic groups in the media! 

PSY-P 101 - Introduction to Psychology | i highly recommend taking this class with PROFESSOR SUMMERS! Professor Summers made Psychology so much more enjoyable because of the format of class. I have never had such a relaxed environment and I was always so eager walking to class because, quite frankly, I never knew what to expect. Professor Summers memorizes the names of all ~200-250 students in his lecture hall. We watch video clips of American Pie, Dumb and Dumber and Rainman among so many others! He also illustrates the main points of the readings through the stories his students share with the class. Did I mention this class counts as an N&M credit? 

INFO-I 101 - Introduction to Informatics and Computing | I registered for this class in order to fulfill my N&M credits and absolutely fell in love with the class! I was a bit apprehensive my first day because I really don't know much about how computers function but you don't need any previous knowledge of computers! I'm utilizing the knowledge I'm getting in class to create my own website which I can eventually use when I'm applying for jobs. I've found it to be such a beneficial course! 

Even if these classes do not fit in with your major, I highly suggest looking into and exploring your options. Who knows, you may even get credit for these classes!

Until next time,

Gillian :)

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