Keeping An Open Mind When Registering For Classes

Having just registered for classes a few weeks ago and finding out there was still an N&M (Natural and Mathematical Sciences) requirement I had to fulfill, I got to thinking about the classes I've taken thus far. And I realized something: while my theatre classes tend to be among my favorites, some of the classes that I had to take to fulfill requirements are the ones that have stuck with me the most.

So while having to take a bunch of math or sciences classes if you're more artistically inclined like me, or being a bio major and having to take A&H's (Arts and Humanities) classes may seem like a drag, it doesn't have to be. It's just a matter of finding a class that fits you.

For example, I took a topics class called Born To Be a Genius that not only satisfied one of my N&M requirements, but was also incredibly interesting. It was all about what constitutes a language and communication and once we learned about the different parts of a language, we started learning about how babies acquire language and what problems can arise during this process. The great thing about this class was it covered a variety of topics without being overwhelming. I learned about how various animals communicate and how everyone has their own individual way of talking called an idiolect.

Don't worry, I'm not going to teach you the class in this post, I just want you to realize that registering for classes can actually be an adventure if you choose to embrace it.

So branch out... take Dinosaurs and Their Relatives, or The Miracle of Sight, or Astronomy.

How about Acting I for Non-Majors as an A&H class? Do it. It's great. :)

Or if you're looking for S&H (Social and Historical Studies) classes, try Society and the Individual, or The Archeology of Sex, or Elvis, Dylan, and Post-War America. I took a history class - Intro to History of Tibet - and not gonna lie, it was my least favorite class last semester. But I took a chance, and learned something new. It also helped me hone in on my interests and helped me figure out which study methods work best for me.

The point of all this is, no matter what class you decide to take, whether it's in SPEA or the School of Music, keep an open mind. You're going to take something valuable away from it. Whether it turns out to be your favorite class... and even if it doesn't. :)

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