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Hi! My name is Gabi Knoepfle. I'm from Naperville, Illinois (one of the millions of suburbs from Chicago... about 45 minutes south of the city) so I guess that makes me a region rat.

My mom, dad, younger sister, and my dog Zoey live there still. My sister is starting to apply to colleges and I'm really trying to convince her to become a Hoosier.

I am a junior earning a BA in Theatre and Drama and a certificate in the Liberal Arts and Management Program. I'm planning on minoring in Spanish as well... I just need to declare it.

I'm a member of the Student Alumni Association, which has allowed me the opportunity to participate in lots of fun retreats at Bradford Woods, travel around Indiana on volunteer-work trips through IU Cares, build a float for the Homecoming Parade, compete in CASL's Cardboard Boat Regatta in the IU Outdoor Pool, and last year I got to be a lap-counter in the Little 500, the greatest college weekend!

I'm a member of the IU Theatre Department's undergraduate, student-run theatre organization: The University Players. I also have been in two main stage productions for the theatre department and am currently in rehearsal for a third.

I work at the IDS (Indiana Daily Student), IU's independent student newspaper. What sets us apart from other university papers is that we don't receive any funding from the university, so we don't have to answer to them for the stories we publish. I work in the creative/marketing department, so I get to interact with students on campus and get to walk around our beautiful campus every day at work.

I basically bleed Cream and Crimson and loooove going to IU's football and basketball games. I also really enjoy going to swimming and diving meets here. I think everyone should try to go to one if they can because they're so exciting.

Some of my favorite things to do on campus is to go to all the FANTASTIC restaurants here in Bloomington (honestly, I don't think there's a bad one here), going bike riding on all the great bike trails, seeing movies in the beautiful IU Cinema, laying outside the Art Museum and watching the colorful lights change on the light tower, and just hanging out with friends.

I'm not too focused on what I'm going to do when I get out into the 'real world', because I'm concentrating on making the most of the best years of my life at the best school in the world.

Hoosiers Forever!

Gabi :)

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