Three Key IU Orientation Tips from an Orientation Expert

Hey y'all. If you guys read my introductory post, you know that I was an Orientation Leader last summer. So as you come through the program this summer, I have some tips on how to get the MOST out of everything that happens during the two day experience.

Tip number 1: 

Come with an open mind and enthusiasm. The number one problem I saw with my students last summer was a lack of interest. The way to really have an awesome orientation experience is to come with the mindset that you are going to meet people and learn a lot. If you come with the idea that you are "too cool for school", like I did, and that you're above the whole thing you really will not get the most out of it. And if you come with a positive attitude and the mentatlity to socialize, your orientation leader will LOVE you. My favorite students from last summer were those who were really enthusiastic about being there. 

Tip number 2:

Think of some questions. Your orientation leaders are some of the most knowledgable, interesting people you will meet while attending IU and they are there for YOU. Throughout the program, they will ask you if you have any questions...and please, for heavens sake, HAVE SOME QUESTIONS. It will make the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone. And, believe me, you must have some questions. You may not think you do. But I'm sure you can think of some. 

Tip number 3:

Listen. Plain and simple. You will meet hundreds of students and countless faculty during your brief summer excursion to IU and they all have something to say. Listen to what they are telling you because you'll never know when it might come in handy.

I don't want to overwhelm y'all with information but please, follow these tips. Look forward to and get excited about coming to IU in the fall and it all starts with orientation!

About The Author
Greg WatsonFinance and Marketing Major, Class of 2014