Sophomore Year-An IU Photo Journal

As a follow up to my previous post. I will go through my sophomore year and highlight some of my fondest memories from my second year here at IU! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Traditions and Spirits: Are you a freshman? Go to this event! I had the opportunity to volunteer at the event and teach new students all of the IU cheers and songs. The energy is fantastic and you get to hear from many of the athletics coaches and get pumped up for the upcoming seasons! 

Roommates: These are my two roommates for this past year. I don't know where I would be without them. On the not of roommates, choose wisely! I know several people who lived off-campus with people who they thought were their best friends and I had to watch as the friendship exploded. I'm not saying to live alone or to live with complete strangers, just choose wisely. Also, you want to make sure that you plan accordingly. You need to plan who will bring what and what utilities each person will be in charge of! That all makes the move-in process much easier!

Wedding in Germany: My old au pair was getting married in Waren, Germany so I flew over for a long weekend to help celebrate. I don't really have any way to relate this back to IU. But all I have to say is that it was a blast and everyone should try to visit Germany before they die! 

First Tailgate: If you've ever read my stories before, you know I love a good tailgate. Its a great way to show school spirit and get amped up to cheer on your Hoosiers! Schools around the country envy IU's Tailgate Fields so you really can't consider yourself a true Hoosier until you've been to them!


Halloween-Round 2: I cannot tell you how many times people told me that they "found me" that day. But please refer to my last post about Halloween. Probably my second favorite holiday at IU!

Visit from my Sister: Feeling homesick? Instead of going home to your family. Bring them to you! My sister (age 16 at that point) came down for a weekend so she could see me, and IU. I loved being able to show her around the campus and Bloomington. And when your family visits you, you will love it too! While I don't own Bloomington, I still have a lot of pride in my school and take any chance I can to show it off! 

Christmas at School: THE best theme for a party is tacky christmas sweater. My roommates and I found these gems at Sears for like $5. A turtleneck with families of snowmen on it paired with a Santa hat makes for a perfect night. You're going to want to shop in advance of the christmas season for these, they sell out quick! Definitely expect to attend at least one of these parties before you graduate!

Kentucky vs. Indiana: I'm sure you've heard all about it. It was THE game of the year. The Wat Shot. The defining moment for the comeback of IU basketball. My friends and I were lucky enough to have student section tickets for the game! We waited in the blistering cold for 7 hours before we were allowed to go in. Luckily our good friend Daniel Weber brought us food and sustenance. With the popularity of the basketball games this year, expect to wait in a long line outside if you have student section tickets!

Christmas at Home: My family spent this past Christmas at a Resort and Spa in Pennsylvania. It was great to get away and take advantage of spending time with my family! When you're in college those moments are few and far between, embrace them when you can. 

The Sweet 16: You all can expect to see this happening a lot more frequently.While I wasn't at the game, I was cheering in full uniform from home. "Hoosier Pride Never Dies!"

Brother's Graduation: My brother graduated from Butler University in May and it really reminded me how short of a time you really spend in college and how fast it flies by. In just two years, I'll be in his same place. You have to make sure to embrace every moment you have in college. Every graduate I meet always reminds me to enjoy what you have in college, because you'll never have it again.

The Art Museum: This didn't happen during the school year, but very cool nonetheless. A friend and I were at the IU Art Museum enjoying the lights and apparently there was a photographer there. He asked if it was alright to take our picture and this was the outcome. Truly beautiful; both the picture and the moment. Laying on the ground and watching the lights change is very relaxing. 

Well, there you have it. I'm half way done with my IU career. I hope to continue to love it here and make memories that will last a lifetime! 

About The Author
Greg WatsonFinance and Marketing Major, Class of 2014