A Photo Journal: Freshman Year at Indiana University - Bloomington

So I wanted to change things up, and do something that I haven't seen on here for this post. These are my first two years, as seen through the lens of a photograph. And yes, this was 2 years ago. I'm just reliving the glory days of being a freshman!

IU Indiana University Football Game

My First IU Football Game!

I've mentioned in a couple of my previous posts. I'm a big IU Athletics fan. While our football team may not be the Big 10 champs, going to the games is something that you absolutely cannot miss!

One of My First Nights Out!

As I'm sure you are all aware of, IU has a big "nightlife" scene. So...yeah,  regardless of your opinion on whatever your vice may be, going out and enjoying the weekends is NOT something to miss.

My First Trip to Indianapolis to Visit my Brother at School with the Rest of My Family!

So my brother just graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis with a degree in dance performance. He is now dancing professionally in Chicago. This was the first time I visited him at school and my family and old au pair were all in Indianapolis to watch one of his performances.

Meeting Passion Pit!

IU is notorious for bringing some huge name artists here. Passion Pit came here in the fall and performed a sold out show! One of the many benefits of coming to a school like Indiana University. 

My First  (College) Halloween!

Halloween at IU is unlike any halloween you've experienced. Start thinking of your costumes now, before its too late! 

My First Birthday at College!

Turning 19 is probably one of the more insignificant birthdays that you'll experience while in college (along with 22), but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate. I enjoyed dinner with 15 or so friends, then headed to Red Mango before going out for the night.

Winter Break at Home!

I cannot tell you how nice it was to be home for Christmas and New Years. Definitely enjoy your time at home. However boring it may get at times!

Visiting a Friend from School!

I took some time over winter break to go to Chicago to visit one of my friends (and future roommate). It was definitely nice to get out and explore since I didn't go on vacation over winter break!

My First #IUBB Game!

While we weren't on the level that we were this season. Indiana University Basketball games are always a blast and I got to enjoy it with my two best friends and future roommates. You definitely NEED to make it to at least one basketball game during your time at IU!

Time to Strut My Stuff!

This wasn't the first time I've done a fashion show. But it was still a blast. There I am, front and center, getting ready to walk in a fashion show with a New York theme. This outfit was for "The Hamptons." Cool events like this happen all the time on IU's campus. Make sure to take advantage of them!

An Old Friend Visits!

My friend Colby came to visit IU, since she was coming to school here next year. You'll probably have friends that visit with you and I love being able to show them around and show off my school to them!

My First Little 500! 

This was right before we left for the race. You DEFINITELY need to go and watch the race. You also need to be sure to participate in all of the other awesome events that go on during that time! 

Well, that's my freshman year. While condensed, it accurately represents some of the biggest and most memorable events that I experienced during my first year here at Indiana University. 

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Greg WatsonFinance and Marketing Major, Class of 2014