Some of the things (I wish) I knew when I became a freshman at Indiana University

  • It is perfectly okay if you are undecided about your major before you register for your first semester. In my opinion, it is crucial to at least have some idea of what you’ll be studying for the next four years of your life. 

  • As a first semester freshman, pick General Education courses. Go ahead and complete the basic math skills requirement, foreign language, basic English course and a basic science course. The sooner you finish those, the faster you can get to courses you actually care about.

  • Before you go to your student orientation session in the summer, look through the handy catalog IU sends you in the mail. It is very helpful. I understand the last thing you want to think about are the classes you’ll be taking, but freshman year courses are indeed important.

  • If possible, pick one of the earlier summer sessions. The later you go, the least amount of classes you’ll be able to choose from. 


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