My favorite class as a senior

This is my first official post and I have decided to dedicate it to my current favorite class I am taking this semester. I am currently a second-semester senior, therefore I didn't have many required classes to finish. I was able to finally pick classes I was actually interested in. 

My favorite class right now is called "The Music of Bob Dylan" (MUS-Z 404) taught by professor Glenn Gass. Since the first day of class I knew it was going to be very different from any other class I had taken at Indiana University. If you are passionate about music in general and you are willing to keep learning about it, I recommend you take a class with professor Gass. 
One of the best feelings is wanting to go to class because the material you learn is extremely interesting and the professor is so engaging. I had always been a great fan of Bob Dylan's music, but this class has offered me the opportunity to learn more about the meaning behind his lyrics, his influences, and the reasons why he wrote his songs. One of the most important things I've learned since I started my undergraduate career at IU is that a professor can really make or break a positive the experience you have in a class. Professor Gass is extremely passionate about teaching about music, and especially about Bob Dylan because you can hear his enthusiasm by the way he explains and talks about the fascinating story of Dylan. 
One of my favorite things about learning about Bob Dylan was uncovering the many sides of his song-writing. In the album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan we see the romantic side of Dylan when he was in love with Suze Rotolo. 
My final thought for this post is that if someone is looking for an elective course to fulfill, I recommend spending some time looking for a class that you are interested in, read about the professor or instructor who is teaching it, and ask your friends about their experience in the class. Don't just pick a course because it fits your schedule the best (even though this does play a prominent role when picking your classes) It's important to feel encouraged and motivated to go to class, and the best way to do that is if you pick something you love and care about. 

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