IU's (amazing) Journalism School

It feels like an eternity ago when I first took my first journalism class at Ernie Pyle Hall, but now, after almost four years, I know I am going to miss being there so much. I truly became my second home. I am not sure how many hours I’ve spent in that building or how many hours I worked on projects in the Multimedia lab.

IU’s Ernie Pyle Journalism School is among the best schools in the country. I recently stumbled on this article, and it just reassured me how much I love it, and how proud it makes me feel to be getting my journalism degree. If you are a future journalism student, and think IU might be the place you want to be, don’t look anywhere else because you have found the ideal place. Professors are more than just there to teach you, they become your mentors; they truly care about your learning and truly want you to become better journalists. Get ready to work hard and know you’ll make many mistakes; your professors will (most likely) call you out on them, but don’t worry, they’ll also share their embarrassing or amazing stories. Get to know your professors because once you get tos start choosing more specific courses, you'll be in much smaller classrooms and interacting with them becomes easier. Take advantadge of being part of the school's amazing history.


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