Say No to Fall Sickness

It is getting cooler and cooler in Bloomington. Leaves are turning brown. Fall is already here. Many of our international students are not used to this cool temperature because we all came from different places of the world. Those who came from tropical country might have never experienced cold weather that sends a shudder of chills down your spine. Fall weather might be new for your body to adapt to and it is not an excuse for you to fall into sickness and let your health fall apart. You need to help your body to adapt to the cold surrounding. Cracking lips, sore throats, cold, constant cough, and a runny nose are common symptoms that you get while your body adjust to the coldness of this season.  Variations of humidity and constant rain make your immune system drop since your antibody is unfamiliar with the new surrounding.

As the semester gets busier, you have to stay healthy. You have plenty of exams to study for and tons of homework to finish. You need a healthy body to get through all of these. You definitely do not want to fall sick and have to skip class or even if you go to class, you might no be able to focus in class.

Here's some tips to help you stay healthy and look awesome during this fall!

Drink enough water and stay hydrated.

Two thirds of your body is made up of water, you want to make sure that you replenish your body with enough water after an exhaustive daily college life in this cold weather.

Pay more attention to your skin.

While maintaining you health, you also need to look amazing.

Cough or Sneeze into sleeves or tissue.

Remember to wash your hands after that.

Lastly, seek medical opinion.

Go to see a doctor if it is getting worse.  IU has a health clinic you can use.

I hope everyone can stay healthy and be happy for this amazing fall semester.

--Firzana Athira Mohammad Arif 

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Firzana Athira Mohammad Arif

I am a sophomore. I am planning to major in Accounting and Supply Chain Management.