Twitter or Facebook? Which one do you prefer?

Facebook has long been the go-to social media channel. Is that changing? We know there are lots of social media choices out there, but we are wondering whether or not Twitter is starting to be the social media channel of choice. Let us know which one you prefer. If you could only use one, which would it be - Twitter (thumbs up) or Facebook (thumbs down)?

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I am the administrator for I work in the Office of Enrollment Management, which is responsible for recruiting new and transfer students for IU Bloomington. I love working with the student bloggers on and look forward to seeing what stories they submit every single day.

I grew up in Bloomington, got my bachelor's degree in Management and Administration from IU, moved away for 18 years, and moved back ten years ago. I am finishing my Master's degree in Interaction Design through the School of Informatics.