The Little 500 - A Hoosier Tradition Like None Other


The Little 500 - A Hoosier Tradition Like None Other

It truly is the "World's Greatest College Weekend"

  1. It's an annual tradition.

    Every year when the daffodils, forsythia, and redbuds start to bloom, it is a reminder that a very special weekend is just around the corner.
  2. Every Spring I get homesick knowing that I'll miss the Bloomington Beer Fest AND Little 500.
  3. It is a tradition that is unlike any other college tradition in the world, and has been around for generations.
  4. Little 500 circa 1956 Indiana University. My Dad's fraternity brothers-Go FIJI!!!
  5. Some folks have forgotten that the Little 500 is, and always has been, about raising scholarship money for IU students. I'm glad to see that this year' Steering Committee is putting the emphasis on philanthropy once more with their Philanthropy in Motion campaign.
  6. This year, some IU alums and current students are making a film called "One Day in April" documenting the race. A fitting title, as anyone who has ever trained for the race will tell you. As a former rider, I can't wait to see this.
  7. How do you explain the Little 500 weekend to someone that has never experienced it? There are some highly disciplined students that prepare year round for this two-hour event. Here is a video of one of IU's most famous alums sharing his thoughts, along with a historical perspective of this awesome college tradition.
  8. Here is a short video that captures some of the excitement and craziness of last year's race. Wrecks, bike exchanges, the victory celebration, two hours of adrenaline packed, heart pounding excitement. You really have to be there to appreciate the energy and enthusiasm that surround the races.
  9. Here's a photo tribute to all of the riders, coaches, mechanics, IUSF volunteers who make this weekend such a magical event.
  10. No better way to end three hours of riding and an hour of hiking. Back to campus and the Little 500 track now!
  11. You never know who might show up at the race!
  12. Hope to see you at the track.

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