Favorite Restaurants and Food Places in Bloomington

Bloomington has some great places to gather with friends, enjoy watching some IU sports on the big screens, and chow down on some awesome food, all at the same time. Honestly, it is what helps most of the IU students make it through the semester. Eating is such a social event. Bloomington has lots of great choices when it comes time to decide where to go. There are a TON of great ethnic restaurants. I have traveled to many of the major metropolitan areas around the country, and it always amazes me that Bloomington has such a great selection of really wonderful restaurants. Plus, ever since I switched to trying to maintain a plant-based, whole foods diet, there are some fantastic vegan and vegetarian options to choose from.

Several of our student bloggers have written posts reviewing their favorite restaurants, bars, and places for yummy late-night snacks. They are consistently some of the most popular posts on the site. With that in mind, I thought it was about time that we gave you, our WeAreIU.com visitors, the opportunity to share your opinions. Now you can nominate, vote for, and comment on your favorite places to eat in Bloomington and at IU. If you don't see your favorite on the list, simply click on the "Add to List" button below and we will include it for you. If you are looking for some good ideas if you want to try some new places out, hopefully this list will be helpful. Enjoy and have fun!

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