You think you know what major you are going to be, but…

There’s always a “but."

It’s the time of the year that students stress about: not having a major again. Certainly, at the end of your freshman or sophomore year not having a major appears to be concerning (it might be a problem once you become a junior, and when you are a senior…oh, not good), but having a major does not mean that you are safe from the “major” worries. Are you REALLY sure about the major you are going into?

Here’s my thought process in the past two years about my major: “I’m sure I want to be a psychology major…I want to be an econ major too. Wait why not be a computer science major? Sociology sounds pretty cool…I’M GOING WITH MATH ECON!!!...No wait I wanna study marketing…economic consulting...I HATE BUSINESS.”

If you are in the same situation as me, the first thing I should tell you is: DON’T WORRY! After two years of struggling, I am certain (for now) that I’m a psychology and economics double major, pursuing a certificate in the Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP). It took me two years to finally figure out my major, and I’m almost sure that it won’t take you that long, it certainly won’t with the help of the amazing resources at IU. Below are examples of resources you can reach out to if you can’t make up your mind.

University Division advisors

University Division is where most incoming freshman and transfer students are placed before they are accepted into a specific school. UD advisors are extremely helpful at giving you a comprehensive view of what IU has to offer. They also help you make your first year schedule, which is very important because taking the right classes=saving time & money ($$$$$$$).

Major advisors

If you are struggling between two or three majors, talking directly to the department's advisor is a great idea. Major advisors are very knowledgeable about their respective majors, and you can request a degree audit by them (what credits you already have/what credits you still need to complete that major).

Your favorite professors

Don’t forget that professors can be your best friends, if you want to know more about their academic discipline. From their years (often decades) of experiences in their academic area, they can tell you all about what a major is like, and what it can lead you to.

Bottom line about choosing a major: don’t panic, use the resources available, and you’ll get there!

About The Author
Evelyn BaiInternational Student Ambassador

I'm a Junior studying Psychology and Economics at IU, and pursuing a certificate with the Liberal Arts and Management Program(LAMP). Born and raised in Shenyang, China, I am a proud International Student Ambassador(ISA), who works to connect prospective international students to IU. I chose IU because of its strong social sciences programs, and because of the myriad of opportunities it offers to all its students. Besides working as an ISA, I serve on LAMP's student Advisory Board, The Virtu Project (an investment club that benefits a charity), and work as a peer Financial Educator with IU MoneySmarts (an organization that works to enhance students' financial wellness by offering personal finance education). In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, traveling, exploring Bloomington, and throwing frisbee.