What's it like to be an international transfer student at IU?

Transferring schools is a difficult decision to make, especially when you are an international student. I transferred from a private institution to IU. For me, transferring to IU was a huge adjustment. However, I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel about being at IU. For nearly a year, life and studies at IU helped me discover a lot about myself, and I really appreciate the growth and transformation that IU has brought to me. If you are considering transferring to IU, like I was just about a year ago, I hope that my experiences below will help you make your decision.

IU is historically strong at arts, humanities and social sciences. Although most of my peers come to IU for Kelley School of Business, I came to IU for the department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. IU is the home to many world-renowned professors in cognitive psychology, whose names often appear in textbooks. At IU, students can take courses from these professors, and even be a part of their research. The psychology program at IU is not only a great learning environment, but also prepares students well for applying to graduate school in the future.

What I love most about IU is that the school sponsors many student-centric programs that truly benefit the well-being of students. IU is ten times the size of my previous school. It took me a while to adjust when I first transferred, for I felt that the sense of community at IU was not nearly as strong as my school before. However, as I got involved in extracurricular activities, I found that there are in fact many programs at IU that work to benefit its students. As an International Student Ambassador, I have witnessed IU’s effort to better serve its new and returning international students by enhancing its orientation, and trying to better integrate international students with domestic students. I feel fortunate to be at IU today, because I know that my school is working hard to enhance my college experience. As IU strives to create a student-friendly living and learning environment, I am certain that you will be in a place you love if you chose to come to IU.

With over 750 student organizations, it’s hard to choose a favorite extracurricular activity at IU. I had a great experience exploring different organizations, but I paid the price with an exhausting (but rewarding) year. My advice to you when you come to IU, is to not over commit yourself to too many activities. You will get a lot more out of the experience if you chose to be deeply involved in one or two, rather than struggling to be involved in seven. If you want to learn more about student activities at IU, check out this page. F.Y.I. Don’t forget to look out for the opportunity to be an International Student Ambassador, and share your experiences with future Hoosiers!

About The Author
Evelyn BaiInternational Student Ambassador

I'm a Junior studying Psychology and Economics at IU, and pursuing a certificate with the Liberal Arts and Management Program(LAMP). Born and raised in Shenyang, China, I am a proud International Student Ambassador(ISA), who works to connect prospective international students to IU. I chose IU because of its strong social sciences programs, and because of the myriad of opportunities it offers to all its students. Besides working as an ISA, I serve on LAMP's student Advisory Board, The Virtu Project (an investment club that benefits a charity), and work as a peer Financial Educator with IU MoneySmarts (an organization that works to enhance students' financial wellness by offering personal finance education). In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, traveling, exploring Bloomington, and throwing frisbee.