Experience the Bloomington Arts Community

From the moment I moved to Bloomington on August 2nd, I was immediately immersed in the insanity that is the Bloomington arts community.

Very recently, I volunteered for the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival and I loved every second of it. Being surrounded by all of that incredible and diverse talent was truly breathtaking, and getting to see and understand the traditions and customs of other nations from across the globe. Truly, it was a very long day spent with some newfound friends working at the Buskirk-Chumley on Kirkwood (which is an interesting venue in Bloomington anyway). Going into Lotus, I was honestly a little nervous. I didn’t know a single soul who was also working the festival, but I came out of that experience having met people from all over the place, a wide variety of ages, an immense variety of interests, all coming together to work this music festival for these strange, outlandish bands that many of us had never previously heard of.

Music isn’t the only way I’ve been involved in the Bloomington/IU arts scene- I also decided to get involved in the various usher corps across campus. While I am yet to usher a show, I’m really looking forward to diving right in, especially after my experience with the lovely grad students over at Buskirk.

Even if you’re not looking to get directly involved in the arts community, I’m a strong believer that everyone should go out and support the arts regardless. Perfect opportunity to get your feet wet- The Mystery of Edwin Drood! (Information at http://www.indiana.edu/~thtr/index.shtml )

I had the pleasure of seeing the hilarious musical murder mystery twice already and, having seen many other IU Theatre productions, I can comfortably say that there is something for everyone in this show. This wacky show has alternate endings that the audience selects each night- so yes, there is lots of audience participation. While the arts aren’t everyone’s “thing”, everyone should take advantage of all IU and Bloomington has to offer while they still have the chance. Who knows where we’ll all end up after college?! You’ll never find an arts community quite like that of the Bloomington arts community.

Take full advantage of the vast and zany arts opportunities that are right in front of you.

Much love,


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Eve MendozaArts Management Major, Class of 2018

From a tiny town called Dyer, IN (40 minutes from downtown Chicago). Tattoo enthusiast. Game of Thrones addict. Aspiring Tour Manager. Football/Basketball fanatic. Obsessed with theatre and live music. Hudson and Holland Scholar.