6 Tricks to Acting Like a Big Kid

Congratulations!! You’re an adult now and you’re about to leave for college. Pretty soon you will have to leave mommy and daddy behind so it’s time to make sure you can take care of yourself. Don’t worry- it’s not too late to figure this out. Here are 6 tips to help you prepare for being an independent and well-established college freshman.

1. Know how to do your own laundry

Some students take advantage of the laundry services provided on campus, but doing your own laundry is a part of growing up. Lights versus dark, hot versus cold, are all important things you need to know before you go away to school. If you can’t find someone to show you, there are easy tutorials on YouTube.

2. Know how to cook a basic meal

While most freshmen will be eating at the dining halls or making something microwavable, it’s still important to know how to make basic foods- Mac and Cheese, grilled cheese, pizza, so on and so forth. It may not seem that important but being able to cook comes in handy and is an easy way to impress the ladies. (Being able to bake will also score you brownie points!)

3. Understanding and managing your finances/budget

Knowing how to save, how to pay bills, understanding student loans- all super important when you’re living on your own. Modern technology makes this kind of stuff a lot easier so there are plenty of ways to inform yourself and keep track of your money.

4. Know how to function at a social gathering WITHOUT YOUR PHONE

Hiding behind a tiny computer isn’t a good way to make friends or have fun. College flies by and I guarantee your phone isn’t more exciting than all IU has to offer.

5. Know how to do dishes and clean your bathroom

Even if you don’t deal with these at all freshman year, they are still extremely important. A lot of dorm rooms have half baths and nothing is worse than going to a friend’s room and seeing they haven’t cleaned their bathroom all year. As for dishes, food congeals fast so clean it up!

6. Know how to navigate yourself with AND without the use of technology.

College is a whole new experience and so is IU’s campus. Learning your way around will take some time but with the help of campus maps and technology you can always find your way. College will also likely involve road trips with your friends. Who knows what crazy adventures you’ll go on over the next 4 years? Trips are always more fun when you don’t have to worry about getting lost- know how to use your phone’s GPS and how to read an actual printed map.

Master these and your entire college experience will be that much easier! Get ready, fellow freshmen! It is almost time for our Bloomington debut.

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About The Author
Eve MendozaArts Management Major, Class of 2018

From a tiny town called Dyer, IN (40 minutes from downtown Chicago). Tattoo enthusiast. Game of Thrones addict. Aspiring Tour Manager. Football/Basketball fanatic. Obsessed with theatre and live music. Hudson and Holland Scholar.