What to Expect: IU Temp Housing

Finding out what dorm you are living in is an exciting day and can set the tone of your year. But, if you're like me, when you finally got your housing assignment you saw: Temporary Housing. Thoughts going through your head probably include: "Temp housing?" "What does that mean?" "Do I have a place to live?" "What's going on?! " Nobody I knew had any solid answers and Orientation never explained what exactly Temporary Housing meant for me, and that made moving from home to the dorm really stressful! 

  1. So, where is temp housing?: It can be in any dorm, and is usually in a lounge. My temp housing was the 7th Floor Boys Lounge of Eigenmann. 
  2. Roommate??: I had 5 other female roommates in the lounge with me. We all had our own beds, but had to share things like dressers, desk, etc..
  3. How long will I be there?: I was only there for a week and a half but I have heard of situations where people are there for an entire semester. However, IU tries very hard to get people out of Temp Housing as fast as they can, so I doubt you'll be there that long.
  4. How do I get my permanent housing assignment?: My biggest piece of advice to survive Temp Housing, CHECK YOUR IU EMAIL OFTEN! They will keep you updated on everything you need to know. They'll give you a meeting date where an RPS Rep will help assign you to your permanent home. In my case we got a list of available dorms and got to choose from it. (I chose Collins which requires application, so be prepared to stay a day in the lounge by yourself if that's what you decide!!)
  5. How do I move my stuff?: I believe they offer to help you move your stuff for a small fee. I was lucky enough to have my mom come down and help me. It's best to have arrangements made in advance, if possible, to have someone help you on super late notice because they expect you to be moved by a certain time!
  6. Does my new roommate know what's going on?: Nope! Chances are your roommate has received the generic email explaining someone could move into their room at any time, but chances also are that your roommate isn't really expecting someone to. RPS does NOT tell your new roommate who you are and when you're moving in. So, knocking before you use your new key to enter the room is a good rule of thumb to getting along with your new roommate!
  7. Are there any downsides to temp housing?: If you're in temp housing, you're most likely not going to celebrate Welcome Week with the floor you'll end up living with. This is only a downside if you let it be, use this chance to branch out and make friends in many places!
  8. Advantages?: Like I just said, this is a great chance to meet even more people in your first weeks at IU! Another upside? Temp Housing is at a really reduced rate, so if you do get stuck there all semester, you're not paying full $$$ for it. 

Being assigned to Temporary Housing can be a disappointing moment and it's totally normal to be upset about it, but now you have a little more of an idea about what exactly it means. And if you look at it from a networking angle, it's a great opportunity to make friends all across campus! 

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