When parents become heroes: The art of the care package

Hello Hoosiers!

It's been quite the busy semester, so I am very sorry for my absence.

But a very important thing during my freshman year became the care package.

Yes, I did get one every month or so.

I think my mom signed up at orientation for a care package delivery service.

And while I appreciated it, I wanted a real, heartfelt, customized to me care package.

My mother has yet to send me anything on my list that she has saved in her iPhone.

But I'm too busy to worry about it anyway.

She has sent me cards when I really needed it, and sometimes, we don't need a care package.

We don't need chocolate or potato chips or an iTunes card.

Maybe all we need are some words from a person that loves us very much to remind us that we are okay.

And that you are proud of us.

And you acknowledge that you know we are doing the best that we can. 

It may not sound like much.

But you can always go back and read that card whenever you are having a bad day.

You can't exactly go back to chocolate or potato chips.

So, parents?

Send us a card. Remind us you care, and that you love us, and you are proud of us.

Even though we may be having the time of our lives in college here at old IU, we miss you. A LOT.

Some students maay miss their families more than others.

But it's always nice to be kept in the loop.

So even though everyone's lives gets really crazy, don't forget about us.

WE KNOW you won't, but send us words of comfort and pride.

Because we don't need the extra calories, we need the extra love.

Best of luck!

All my Hoosier love,


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Emmalie ReifTelecommunications Major, Herman B Wells Library employee, WTIU Intern, Indiana Men's Basketball Team's Biggest Fan

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