Full Disclosure: I changed my major... But that is okay!

I walked out of my first Telecom class on the first day of classes, and made the decision.

I called my mom and asked her if she thought it was the right thing I should do.

Of ALL people, I swore I would never do it... But I did. 

I, Emmalie Faye Reif, of sound mind and Hoosier spirit... changed... my... MAJOR.

Unbelievable? Yes. Inconceivable? No... And that does not mean what you think it means.

I thought my unwavering belief and passion for theatre would never allow me to change my major.

Yet something felt missing, and I felt the urge to pursue another route.

Theatre will always be my safe place and my home, but I thought I needed to challenge myself.

I PERSONALLY feel as though I do not need a degree in theatre to do theatre.

I plan on getting my theatre (specifically musical theatre) training through a conservatory program in NYC.

After I graduate, of course. But that is not what is important.

What is important is that I realized that I needed to traipse down a different path.

I'm just glad I realized it on the first day of sophomore year, and not during Little 5 week of my junior year.

The process was swift and easy, and by four in the afternoon on Friday of the first week of classes? Done.

I was a Telecommunications major. And a Theatre minor.

I am so glad that my family and friends were supportive of my decision to change my major.

I landed an internship with WTIU, and I hope to possibly even make my way up to co-hosting the kid's show, The Friday Zone!

So many opportunities have opened up to me simply by changing my major.

Even though my month has been crazy thus far between work, interning, school, and my sorority, I love it.

Being busy is so much better than being bored. I am taking this year by the horns after losing myself last year.

How is it already September?

The next few weeks of my life will be insane.

I am working backstage on a show for the Theatre department.

I work every weekend until 1 AM at Wells on Friday and Saturday night.

I've been observing how a television show is put together by WTIU on set and in the control room.

And I live in a house with one hundred some other girls, trying to make some friends and get some sleep.

Some say that there is such a thing as a sophomore slump.

But I am afraid that I can't hear the haters!

If you are at all interested in changing your major or seriously think about it, please consider it.

Reach out and email your advisor. Make an appointment. Even if it's just to talk about options.

Just choose what you believe will bring you the most happiness in your life, not necessarily success.

But remember to challenge yourself. Most only experience college once, so make the most of it.

All my Hoosier love,


About The Author
Emmalie ReifTelecommunications Major, Herman B Wells Library employee, WTIU Intern, Indiana Men's Basketball Team's Biggest Fan

Class of 2015

From Lafayette, Indiana.

Telecommunications major.

Minor in Theatre.

Usher for IU Auditorium, IU Cinema, and IU Theatre & Drama department.

Work with IU's Radio and Television Services.

I love nectarines, yoga, dogs, movies, New York City, the state of California, winter, Broadway cast albums, elephants, mountains, oceans, and night skies.