From Bleeding Black and Gold to Choosing Cream, Crean, and Crimson...

Hello Hoosiers, it's Emmalie!

Here goes the first post for my We Are IU blog. And this first post may be lengthy... But if you want/need/MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW the short version, scroll to the bottom for important points!

I thought I would make this first post about why I chose IU. Also known as "From Bleeding Black and Gold to Choosing Cream, Crean, and Crimson..." I grew up in the Lafayette, and even West Lafayette for a couple of years. My parents both went to Purdue, and the rest of my family, both sides bleed black and gold. So, IU or anything Indiana University related could be considered a swear word.

Me and KELSEY GRAMMER. Happy birthday to me. Hoosiers, what is my life? I love NYC!

Since my freshman year of high school, I knew that I wanted to go to school in New York CityNew York City is the place to be if you want to become an actor, so I figured NYU was the place for me. Well, as is turns out, NYU and NYC were out of the question because of finances. So I began looking at in state schools with theatre programs.

Outside the New Amsterdam Theatre in NYC. I will be Mary Poppins on Broadway. Just wait...
Outside the New Amsterdam Theatre in NYC. I will be Mary Poppins on Broadway. Just wait...

I love to sing and dance and musical theatre is one of my greatest loves.

But I decided to go the route of a BA in Theatre versus a BFA in musical theatre. The BFA program doesn't exactly allow for a second major, which at the time, I thought I wanted to pursue. I narrowed down options for school to Purdue and IU. I had participated in a Journalism program at Ball State during high school, and it didn't do anything for me. So I toured both Purdue and IU.  It turns out Purdue has a small, but decent theatre program that I had no idea existed. And I mean, come on, IU was a no brainer as far as the theatre program goes.

Another draw for Purdue was the familiarity. Purdue campus was my stomping grounds. I knew the basic ins and outs of campus, and where everything was. But I knew very little about IU because of my Purdue upbringing.

I would say maybe 60% of my graduating class went to Purdue. 10% went to IU. 15% went to Ivy Tech. 5% went out of state. 5% went to the Armed Forces. 5% didn't go anywhere. 5% I have no idea what on earth some people are doing, but what else is Facebook for? 105% you say? Yes, I am terrible at math. Another reason I am not pursuing Engineering at... you know...

Since I was a child, my family had attended the Purdue Christmas show almost every year of my life.

I worshipped the Purduettes, the all women vocal ensemble at Purdue. They were all beautiful, and sparkly, and could sing so well. They were a big reason why I thought I wanted to go to Purdue. But I knew people from my high school and county that were in the Singing Hoosiers before I came to IU.

I auditioned for Singing Hoosiers last fall, and didn't make it. It happens! I was perfectly okay with it, and it made me all the more determined to try out again this year. (Except sight reading music will always be my downfall, goodness gracious, it is terrible.) But this fall, there will be a new director of the Singing Hoosiers. And I am ready to charm the pants off of everyone with my awesome facial expressions.

(Photograph of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree... Not Purdue Christmas Show, but it is scenic!)

But I am telling you, it is all about the campus visit. I thought I knew Purdue and bled black and gold, but boy, I could not have been more wrong. The tour was AWFUL. Current students were rude. My mom and I tried asking four different students for directions to a certain hall before someone helped us! The other students in my tour group were stuffy and pretentious. They rolled their eyes at me when I introduced myself and said I wanted to major in theatre... Even my mom thought that everything was drastically different from when she went there.

(Photograph of silly me on Halloween at IU. I went as a not very nice Purdue guy, there is a nickname...)

My last visit to IU sealed the deal. When I stepped onto campus, I got a feelingTRUST THAT FEELING. I cannot be more emphatic about your instincts and going on them. I had been so back and forth, but there was just something about that last visit. Even my mom conceded that IU was probably the better choice for me.

(Photograph of my mom and I at Red Carpet Days. I am so inept at cropping photos, but we look good!)

It was a really difficult decision for my mom to deal with because she wanted me to be a Boilermaker. But she has finally accepted me as a Hoosier, thank goodness.

Other things to note...

IU does not require you to write an essay for their college application (Purdue does). I was accepted to IU without a problem (Purdue wanted my seventh semester transcripts). Ended up writing a strongly worded letter to Purdue admissions, informing them that I was going to IUBOOM.

So here is where I leave you, dear reader.


  • When in doubt, go with your gut feeling.  More than likely, it will not lead you wrong.
  • Do your research on the schools you're applying to.
  • Tour the campus, talk to people, and get all the information you can to make a well informed decision.

Last and certainly the most important...

  • Your parents may/may not factor into your decision of what school to choose, but choose for YOU.

You need to make the best decision for you, not the one that your parents will be most pleased with. If I had gone that route, I would have been a Purdue Boilermaker and not an Indiana Hoosier.

(Who doesn't love these cards? I find them absolutely HILARIOUS. This one is especially relevant, right?!)

So make a brave decision, a great decision, the best decision... Indiana University!

All my Hoosier love,


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