Another Round, formerly known as Straight No Chaser!




People, you have been living underneath a rock if you have not heard of this sensational singing group.

The first time I actually encountered them in person was on my sorority's Bid Night.

It is impossible not to fall in love with them, so much damn talent!

ANYWAYS. They are absolutely incredible. Period.

But the original "Straight No Chaser" group began at IU in 1996.

That same original group went viral on YouTube in 2006 with their rendition of "12 Days of Christmas."

Watch it, it is hysterical, you will thank me later. Actually, watch all their videos. All so good.

The rest of the world took notice, and two years later in 2008, they were signed to Atlantic Records.

As for the group here at IU, they announced at their spring 2012 concert (I was present!) that they were changing their name to Another Round.

That name also has original Straight No Chaser  ties, as it was the name of a CD they released. 

People will still probably call them Straight No Chaser, but try to use the new name!

The name actually became somehwhat of a hindrance to the group here at IU because I believe they weren't allowed to pursue certain opportunities because of the Straight No Chaser name that was tied to Atlantic Records.

From what I have heard, folks would come up to the guys after a performance and say something along the lines of "I loved you on that television show!" But they were thinking "Thanks! But not us!"

While the recognition is significant, it is very exciting for the group to venture in a new direction with a new name. Bless those beautiful voices.

Also, of note, the group Gentleman's Rule has been blowing up and going viral lately on the interwebs.

Might I direct you to YouTube and the "Pachanelly Canon"?

When it first came out, could not stop listening to it. Seriously addicting. And the video is ADORABLE, as are all the guys!

But these guys are all former members of Straight No Chaser, and are super talented. Can you say famous Hoosiers?

In other words, what Hoosier girl doesn't love a guy who can sing?

Pardon me and my fan-girling.

But please, all Hoosiers, past, present, future, speculative, give them a listen. All the groups!

And you have to go to a concert sometime. I will DRAG you there if I have to!

So, Hoosiers? Keep your eyes open for these men about town, these classy crooners... Another Round.

All my Hoosier love,


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