A Hoosier Says Hello from Indiana University: Emmalie!

One of my absolte favorite photographs of myself. That's a real laugh, I swear to you. And banana clips are a hair life saver!

First off. GO HOOSIERSHello world. I am Emmalie

  • Majoring in Telecommunications.
  • Minoring in Theatre & Drama.
  • Member of University Players.
  • Volunteer Usher for the Theatre and Drama Department.
  • Volunteer Usher for IU Auditorium.
  • Participated in IFS in summer of 2011.
  • From Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana...
  • Whole family bleeds black and gold... I am the cream and crimson sheep in the family!
  • Accents are my life... If you were talking to me right now, I might accidentally slip into one!
  • Fun fact: I have a scar shaped like a seven on my left ankle. It's really cool. I could be James Bond. 007.
  • Another fun fact: I almost went to... Purdue University... HILARIOUS. So glad I made the right decision!    
Red Carpet Day with my mom! My Indiana University journey is beginning!My super smart and pretty ladies from my IFS class and our TA, love them all! IFS was amazing.
At orientation, sporting some major IU excitement and swag, and a thumbs up too! Wooo, orientation! And not Purdue!Trying to download IU Secure on the night I moved in for IFS. Not posed at all! Yeah, wireless internet!

That is the gist of my IU experience and life thus far. And I am really excited to begin this blog for We Are IU!

All my Hoosier love,


About The Author
Emmalie ReifTelecommunications Major, Herman B Wells Library employee, WTIU Intern, Indiana Men's Basketball Team's Biggest Fan

Class of 2015

From Lafayette, Indiana.

Telecommunications major.

Minor in Theatre.

Usher for IU Auditorium, IU Cinema, and IU Theatre & Drama department.

Work with IU's Radio and Television Services.

I love nectarines, yoga, dogs, movies, New York City, the state of California, winter, Broadway cast albums, elephants, mountains, oceans, and night skies.