The Power of Care Packages for College Students

All students, especially freshmen, miss their home and families.  The transition from high school to college is usually the biggest change most of these students have gone through so far in their lives.  Care packages can help students be reminded of home and also help them to remember that their parents miss them, just like these students are missing their parents.  Personally, I love it when my mom sends me cards. The simple card brightens my day and reminds me that she is thinking of me. Here is a list of some good things to include when creating a care package:

  • Food Gift Cards - Freshmen quickly tire of dorm food, but eating out can be expensive. Gift cards for places like Jimmy John's, Subway, Starbucks, or Papa Johns are helpful and a wonderful treat for these students while they are away from home.
  • Music Gift Cards - IU students spend large amounts of time walking to and from class and many of these students listen to their iPods while walking, which adds even more to the already beautiful walks. iTunes gift cards help students by allowing them to get some new songs to listen to in between classes.
  • DVDs - When students have down time many of us like to watch movies. A new movie to add to our collection is always welcome! This would be a great surprise for a freshman and maybe even they could invite some floor mates to join in and make a movie night! (Also you could include some popcorn and movie snacks to complete a stay-in movie night themed care package.)
  • Pens, Pencils, & Notebooks - New school supplies are always a great treat.  Some Vera Bradley pencils would bring joy to a girl's day, while maybe a boy is in a need of a few mechanical pencils.
  • Jewelry or Hair Clips for Girls - A new hair clip or bracelet would brighten any college girl's day for sure! This would be a great addition to any care package, especially a spa-themed one with lotion, nail polish, and body wash!
  • Homemade Snacks and treats - Although all freshman have access to plenty of food and snacks on their meal plan nothing can replace homemade cookies or candied almonds. 
  • Gloves or Tissues for Cold Weather - As the weather here gets cooler it is important to be prepared.  Your student may have overlooked gloves or mittens when packing so these could be fantastic additions to your care package! Also mini-tissue packs may be helpful for the colds or other sicknesses that also seem to be spreading through the dorms! Also hot chocolate would be a fun addition to a cold-weather care package!

I hope this list at least gives you a good start in creating care packages for your students!! Themed care packages are always fun to make and to open! Good luck!

About The Author
Emily SexsonJunior studying Communication & Culture
My name is Emily Sexson and I am on track to graduate in May 2014. My major is Communication & Culture with a minor in Psychology.  I am the President of NSSLHA (National Student Speech, Lanugage, & Hearing Association). I love being a student at IU and living in Bloomington. 
Fun Fact: My parents were married at Beck Chapel on campus (near the Union and Ballentine Hall) over 20 years ago!