Q&A with an IU Junior

About Me:

What is an interesting fact about you that most people would find surprising or unexpected?

I really like to be organized.  I do a lot of planning for everything, especially my classes. I think this helps me manage my time so I can do both school work and fun stuff! 

I am also a huge Arrested Development fan! It is really one of the funniest shows ever. I just finished watching all three seasons and can't wait for the next season or movie or whatever they have been planning next! 


Tell us about your family. 

I have a sister who is a freshman at IU this year.  She lives in Foster and is majoring in Interior Design. She is about to finish her first semester and she absolutely loves it!! She took one interior design class this semester and an art class in addition to some general education classes, so she is already has had some experience with classes specific to her major. My parents have been married for 24 years and they live in Greenwood, IN (about 45 minutes north of Bloomington on SR 37). My dad is a second grade teacher and my mom is a pharmacist at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. They were married at Beck Chapel on IU's campus. We are defiantly an IU family! 


What music are you currently listening to? 

I listen to a little of everything! I love Vampire Weekend, but I also listen to pop and country music. Jack Johnson is defiantly my all time favorite though. 


School Life:

Why do you belong at IU?

I love the size of IU. Even though it is a bigger school, the dorms, classes, and extracurricular activities do not always reflect that. I love all the opportunities IU offers too.  You can make your college experience anything you want it to be. If you love sports you can attend every event! If you love science you can join the clubs, use the telescope in the observatory, and take different science classes as electives. If you want to be in a fraternity or sorority that is a possibility too! If you have to work during the school year, you can find a job with the university which is more flexible than other jobs outside of the school. In college you are learning so many new things and growing into an adult. At IU it is easy get involved in new clubs and even a new major, if you change your mind while you are here. 


What do you like most about your major? 

My major, Communication and Culture, is really flexible. People go on to work in PR or HR, attend law school, and even go into the movie industry. There are many different classes that appeal to different interest.


What classes are you taking this semester?

This semester I am taking the following courses:

CMCL-C190: Intro to Media

This course covers film, television, and new media. We learned about the styles and techniques used to film movies and also how movies and television are different. This course made me think about how these types of media influence my life and our culture. 

SPHS-A100: American Sign Language 1

For my foreign language requirement I am taking Sign Language. My teacher is deaf but I have learned so much from him, especially because he signs for the whole class and we must sign to him if we have a question or want him to repeat something. 

PSY-K300: Statistics

IU offers many different stats courses and depending on your major you may have the opportunity to choose between them. I had to take this course to fulfill a requirement for my Psychology minor. 

CMCL-C290: Hollywood I (1895-1945)

This course is a survey of the first fifty years of American cinema.  We watched shorts and films evolve during this time period. 

ENG-L204: Intro to Fiction (Intensive Writing)

This course fulfilled my intensive writing requirement, but was so much fun at the same time. We read many short stories and several novels, including The Hunger Games. We wrote three microthemes and three essays, which seems like a lot but actually it wasn't as difficult as I first believed because our teach made it easy understand what she wanted us to do. 


What is your favorite class this semester?

I honestly cannot pick one. All my classes this semester have been really interesting and my teachers are all wonderful! This has been one of my favorite semesters ever. 


What fun extracurricular activities have you been involved with?

I have been involved in many different activities on campus. Last year I was the Vice President of the Union Street Center Council. The Council plans different events for the different Union Street Center residents, like BBQs and game nights. Also, I have just finished my term as President for the National Student Speech, Hearing and Language Association. The group is for people who are majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences and includes both undergrad and grad students. We do service events in the community and also fundraise for the Speech and Hearing Clinic at IU. Another activity I was involved in was IU Host, which is a program that allows perspective students to spend the day (and sometimes night) with an IU student and attend classes with them. I really enjoyed showing others IU!


Beyond College:

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I plan on applying to the School of Library and Information Science (soon to be the IU School of Informatics and Computing after the merger with the School of Informatics).  Right now I want to apply to both IU Bloomington and IUPUI in Indianapolis because I am not sure where I will want to be at that point, but I think once it is time to apply I may have a better idea. After grad school I want to either work in a public library, be a research librarian, or manage records and documents for a large company/law firm. Obviously I am still pretty undecided on that part, but with a Masters degree in Information Science and Library Science I should have a lot of options. 

About The Author
Emily SexsonJunior studying Communication & Culture
My name is Emily Sexson and I am on track to graduate in May 2014. My major is Communication & Culture with a minor in Psychology.  I am the President of NSSLHA (National Student Speech, Lanugage, & Hearing Association). I love being a student at IU and living in Bloomington. 
Fun Fact: My parents were married at Beck Chapel on campus (near the Union and Ballentine Hall) over 20 years ago!