3 Reasons I Succeed at My Internship

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with NUVO, an Indianapolis magazine that has stories about local people changing the world and also what is happening around Indianapolis. It was difficult at times, but overall it was a great experience. Here is why!

  1. It was flexible. My internship was not a normal 9-5, Monday thru Friday job. I had set office hours two days a week and I also was required to work at events usually on nights or weekends, one to two times a week.  This allowed me to experience a lot of different things that NUVO does, while still having a regular summer job and working about 30 hours a week. I really liked this because my internship was not paid so I got to still make money and gain experience I needed during the summer.
  2. I got credit for it. I talked to my advisor about getting credit for my internship in April. If you think you may want to get college credit for an internship it is crucial to talk to your advisor and also with your potential boss. At IU, there are certain requirements that you must meet and you must sign up for the summer class to get your credits. All this must be done before you even start your job. My major is Communication and Culture and I decided to do 3 credits, which required me to work 140 hours for the summer at my internship and write a 8-10 page paper about my experience. These requirements vary between majors and departments at IU, so you must talk to your advisor. 
  3. I took advantage of the opportunities I had at my job. I got to know my fellow interns really well, which allowed me to learn about other internship they had done in the past, and what they wanted to do in the future. Also, since NUVO is a smaller place to work, I was exposed to the other jobs at NUVO besides the ones in the department I worked in. We had to drive all over Indianapolis for different reasons so getting to learn more about what is happening in Indianapolis will also help me after I graduate!

Overall, NUVO was a unique and rewarding experience. I learned more about my own interests and how to teach others about new things. And I got to make many new friends and get college credit!

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About The Author
Emily SexsonJunior studying Communication & Culture
My name is Emily Sexson and I am on track to graduate in May 2014. My major is Communication & Culture with a minor in Psychology.  I am the President of NSSLHA (National Student Speech, Lanugage, & Hearing Association). I love being a student at IU and living in Bloomington. 
Fun Fact: My parents were married at Beck Chapel on campus (near the Union and Ballentine Hall) over 20 years ago!