My Freshman Year in Pictures

So I figured instead of writing another blog about my all the exciting things that have happened during my freshman year so far, I thought I would show you everything that has happened through the pictures my friends and I have taken thoughout the year.

Top 10 Things That Have Happened So Far During Freshman Year 

1. Marching in the Pregame Show of Superbowl XLVI!

The Hundred Melto Section                                   The opening set of the Superbowl Pregame
Melto=Mellophone and Alto Saxophones           I'm in the N!

2. Watching Christian Watford's buzzer 3-pointer and IUBB beat the #1 Kentucky in the last seconds of the game.

The View from when the crowd                             Some of the Mellos after the game
rushed the court

3. Meeting my roommate, Emily. We were actually random roommates and think it's hysterical that people get so confused when we are together.

That's Emily!                                 Em is a "townie" so we spend a lot of time at her house with her family

4. Teaching music to students around Bloomington

Working with Kids on MLK Day!

5. Going to the IU vs. OSU game @ OSU 

That's my best friend Arty!
He is one of OSU's drum majors!

6. Singing "Hail to Old IU" with 315 of my closest friends.

Tiff (Our Drum Major) conducting Hail to Old IU              Mellophones after the Hundred concert

7. Turning my dog into the ultimate Hoosier Fan!

That's Mickey! Isn't he a cutie pie?!

8. Getting to see parts of Bloomington most people don't know exists.

View of Lake Monroe                                              View from my seat at my very first IUFB game

9. Having Halloween/Homecoming on the same weekend at IU!

The Marching Hundred Mellophone Section     Some of the Mello Rookies

10. Becoming a Hoosier!


My freshman year has been absolutely amazing so far! I can only hope the next few years I spend at IU will be just as exciting! 

Until Next Time,


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