About Me!

Hi ya! My name is Emily Kinnunen. I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (born and raised just 15 minutes outside of downtown). My parents and my 10 month old puppy Mickey still live in Pittsburgh. I have an older sister who is a senior at West Virginia University!

I am a freshman in the Jacobs School of Music here at IU. I am currently majoring in Music Education and Ethnomusicology! My main instrument is the French Horn, but I also study voice and piano here.

Even though I am only a freshman here, I am involved in a lot of student organizations in the JSoM. I am a member of the Marching Hundred marching in the mellophone section. Along with the Marching Hundred, I am also a member of the International Vocal Ensemble, the Big Red Basketball Band (BRBB), IU Symphonic Band, the National Association for Music Education at IU, and the National Band Association at IU.

I don't have a lot of free time (I'm taking 19 credits this semester), but when I do, I love spending time with my friends, any and everything involving Disney, dancing (I have been dancing since I was 2), playing with my puppy when I'm home, watching sports (both Pittsburgh and IU teams), and going to concerts all around IU!

Even though I am only a Freshman, I have a lot of plans for my future. Once I graduate in 2015, my goal is to become an Elementary/Middle School Band Director or an Elementary Music Teacher. I also plan on taking LOTS of auditions in the future! I have recently been in the process of auditioning for Disney! Hopefully, someday I will be working in Disney or performing in a Military Band. Thanks for Reading!

<3 Em

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