Women in Science Symposium

About a week ago I had the pleasure of presenting a poster presentation at my first conference!  It was through the Office of Women's Affairs' Women in Science program (WISP), http://www.indiana.edu/~owa/wisp/ and it was a really great opportunity.  As part of the conference, we were to present to three judges, and were evaluated on our presentation as well as our poster.  I presented some research I had done this summer through a summer research program.  Although I didn't win an award, the conference was a great opportunity to practice my presentation skils and I got great feedback from the judges.  Hopefully I'll do better presenting my senior thesis research next year!    

This is one of the great things about going to a big school like IU--you are afforded so many opportunities to put yourself out there.  Unlike at smaller schools, where you might get one or two of these opportunities per year, I've already presented at the WISP symposium, I will be presenting at the Hutton Honors College Research Symposium in April, and I've gotten countless emails informing me about other research symposiums at different schools, like Harvard and Cornell.  As the Vice President of the Undergraduate Linguistics Club, I'm even looking at helping to organize our own within-club linguistics symposium.  

If you're interested in science and are thinking about coming to IU, you will not be disappointed.  As long as you keep an eye out for them, there are oppotunities everywhere for you to present, and if it's a poster presentation?  Even better!  You can print out a giant color poster at the Wells Library for practically nothing (five dollars, I want to say?).  I would have had to pay around $60 for my poster to be printed anywhere else.   

What was even better was that the Hutton Honors College gave me a $750 Travel Grant this winter to travel to Portland, Oregon, for the Linguists Society of America Annual Meeting and present there.  If it weren't for the HHC I wouldn't have been able to go, but I was, and I learned so much.  I also went the farthest west that I had ever been in my life!  

Basically, IU rocks.

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