The Original...Full Frontal Comedy!

For my first post, I present to you...the most awesome group I joined, Full Frontal Comedy.  

FFC is a comedy troupe here on campus.  We do sketch, but primarily we're a long form and short form improv group.  In case you don't know what that is, short form is the stuff you might see on Whose Line is it Anyway--short games with superficial characters you probably won't see again.  Long form improv is the stuff you might see in Chicago--long scenes with deeper characters hat sometimes come back a couple scenes later.  

I joined Full Frontal in my second semester Freshman year.  Before trying out, my improv experience was negligible.  After trying out, I was thrown into a world of possibilities,  I managed to somehow join in the same semester that we had our alumni show to celebrate our 15th year of existence (yes, that's right, we've been around for 18 years now, making us IU's longest running improv group).  This means I got to meet all sorts of entertaining almuni, including the illustrious Nicole Parker (an Elphaba in Wicked and of Mad TV fame), Jill Benjamin (co-wrote a two person show with Seth Meyers of SNL and performed it all over including the West End), and Derek Miller (from Secret Girlfriend and the Wedding Band on Comedy Central).  That was SUPER COOL, although I wish I had been better at improvising at the time.  

So, having realized I was a terrible improviser, I took a summer improv course at Second City.  And then the next summer I took a Musical improv course, and suddenly we were doing improvised musicals and other such nonsense.  

Full Frontal is amazing, it's an entire group full of extremely talented people who are all good friend.  We perform bimonthly in the Student Union, and before every show we have "family dinner".  All of our shows are free, but every once in a while some Greek houses or dorms will ask us to perform for them for which they pay us.  That gives us just enough money to go to competitions and festivals every so often.  In fact, this past weekend we actually went to the College Improv Tournament, but more on that later 

Now if you're looking to get involved in comedy at IU, FFC isn't your only choice.  There are 7 comedy troupes on campus: 3 improv (FFC, Awkward Silence Comedy, and Hoos On First), 2 sketch (University tWits and Lots of Trouble for Boy in the Bubble), 1 stand-up (the Lowdown), and 1 of everything (Midnight Snack Comedy).  Each group has its own feel and style, and appeals to diffferent crowds.  But everyone in the different comedy groups sort of know each other, so when you join one, you're the baby of all the groups.  It. Is. Awesome.  

My Full Frontal Family (I'm the obnoxious one lying on top of them)

My Full Frontal Family (I'm the obnoxious one lying on top of them all)

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