Full Frontal Comedy at College Improv Tournament

So I already told you about my awesome improv troupe, Full Frontal Comedy. Here's something even more awesome: a few weeks ago we competed in the national College Improv Tournament (CIT), and we placed!

Although Full Frontal has been around for 17 years now, we've never actually placed in a competition before.  CIT is set up with a lot of different regionals, so we were competing in the lower midwest regional in Indianapolis. The regionals start out with a preliminary round, where there are four brackets, four teams per bracket. If you win your bracket, you move on to the semi-finals later that night, where you're competing against the other three bracket winners. We won our bracket, and then continued on to semi finals, where we placed second! It was pretty epic. 

Placing second put us in the running to serve as a wild card team at nationals. We were assessed against five other teams who also placed second at their regionals, and although we didn't make the wild card slot, we're just that much more determined to win next year!

For our semi-finals competition, we performed an improvised musical. That means that we asked for the title of a musical that had never been written before, and then....went!  Everything we did was off the top of our heads, from dialogue to musical numbers.

You can watch the first ten minutes of our musical in the last ten minutes of this video and finish out the musical by watching this, then this, and then this. I'm the one in the beige blazer.  

What I really love about the comedy circuit at IU is that we are afforded these kinds of opportunities.  You can come from any major and join an improv troupe-no experience necessary.  We even took a member that is a senior this year! It's great experience, it's tons of fun, such a learning oriented environment, and built in friends.  If you like to perform at all, or make people laugh at all, check it out!

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