Home and College Life Appreciation 101

Well, spring break came and spring break went.  Now we're all "back to the daily grind," going to classes, doing homework, and studying (not to mention procrastinating all this work).

Here's the really weird part about college spring breaks:  You actually look forward to "just staying home", and people who are traveling are actually jealous of you in a way.  It's not at all like high school, when staying home was a real drag and you wanted nothing more than to get away from home and/or your family for a few precious days.  And for once, you'd just like to not eat out.  You may even want to (gasp) cook; something I...um...didn't necessarily look forward to have to do before I came to college.

That's one of the best parts of college life - learning to appreciate the things you have always taken for granted.  The first week of college is like one giant wake-up call.  You learn very quickly how to coexist with a roommate, a mini fridge, a microwave, two desks, and all your earthly possessions in a space that is quite possibly smaller than the bedroom you used to have to yourself.  You learn to deal with the sleeping habits (or more specifically, a lack thereof) of 50+ other people living on your floor.  You learn (through your own experience or others') what types of relationships are appropriate among floor mates and classmates.  One of the biggest parts of the experience, though, is simply learning to "fend for yourself."  You're hungry?  Well then, you'd better find something to eat.  Nothing to wear?  I hope you know how to do laundry.  Out of silverware?  Time to wash dishes.  Not feeling well?  Get yourself to the health center.

Yeah, the first few weeks can be kind of rough.  Between classes and the whole lifestyle change thing, it can be pretty rough.  Honestly, there were a few days last semester when it got the best of me.  My Spanish class was taught in Spanish.  My finite math class was just strange.  I got sick of giving presentations in my business presentations class.  I failed a practice exam in K20Fun.  But you know what?  It got better.  After two or three weeks, I understood almost everything that was said in my Spanish class.  I finally got help with finite after I did poorly on two exams (I only wish I'd done that sooner).  I finally gave my last presentation.  And after a lot of studying and several additional practice exams, I got an A on the K201 practical.

Really, college is a lot of fun, once you get adjusted.  You go home and actually miss having 50+ other people your age down the hall.  Don't let it scare you.  Even if it gets tough or scary and the college world looks like a cruel place, stick it out for a few more weeks before you start to talk about transferring.  There's a good chance you'll end up loving it more than you ever thought you could.

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